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    Our top ten things to do in Cardiff!

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We've put together our top ten recommended local attractions to help you plan your visit! 

Cardiff is Wales' capital city and offers top class entertainment, high profile sporting events, unique attractions, quality shopping and a diverse history.  It is the perfect holiday or staycation destination for families, couples, solo travellers or groups.  

The area has been inhabited since around 54 AD, when the Roman's arrived.  The first fort was built at Cardiff Castle, alongside the River Taff.  By 850 the Vikings attacked the Welsh coast and used Cardiff as a base and later a port.  Many of the street names used today come from the Vikings including Dumballs Road and Womanby Street.  Over time a little town grew up in the shadow of the castle, made up primarily of settlers from England and those who had been outcast from their clan.

The second Marquess of Bute is credited for making Cardiff the modern town it is today.  In the late 18th Century he built up dock area and a railway line from the south Wales valleys, to export coal to the rest of the world.  The town grew rapidly from the 1830's, at a rate of 80% per decade.  In 1905, Cardiff was given a City status and was proclaimed capital of Wales in 1955.


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