• Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle

Pronounced Castell Caerdydd (cast-eth cayer-deeth) in Welsh, Cardiff Castle is in the heart of the city centre and is a world-class heritage attraction 


There is such grandeur and history to Cardiff Castle, which is in the heard of Cardiff City Centre  The original motte and bailey were built in the late 11th Century by Norman invaders on top of a 3rd Century Roman fort.  It is thought the castle was commissioned by William the Conqueror.  Cardiff Castle was repeatedly involved in the conflicts between the Anglo-Normans and the Welsh and was even stormed in 1404 during the revolt of Owain Glyndwr.

The castle was acquired by Lord Warwick in 1423 and he conducted extensive work on the west side of the castle and tall octagonal tower.  Following the Wars of the Roses, the status of the castle was revoked and its military significance began to decline.  The Herbert family took over the property in 1550 and remodelled parts of the main range and carried out construction to the outer bailey.  

During the English Civil War, Cardiff Castle was initially taken by Parliamentary force but was regained by Royalist supporters in 1645.  When fighting broke out in 1648, a Royalist army attacked Cardiff in a bid to regain the castle, leading to the Battle of St Fagans just outside the city.  

In the mid-18th Century, Cardiff Castle passed into the Bute family (who have had a massive impact on how Cardiff is today), and the 1st Marquess of Bute turned it into a Georgian mansion.  He also landscaped the castle grounds, demolishing many of the older medieval buildings and walls.  It was the 3rd Marquess of Bute who truly transformed the castle, using his vast wealth to remodel the castle in a Gothic revival style.  The resulting interior designs are considered to be amongst the most magnificent the Gothic revival ever achieved. The grounds were re-landscaped and the old Roman remains were discovered and reconstructed.  A Roman-style gatehouse was also incorporated into the castle design.  Know known as Bute Park, the grounds around the castle were also landscaped.   

The 4th Marquess of Bute inherited the castle in the early 20th Century and construction work continued into the 1920's.  After this, the lands were sold off, and by the time of the Second World War, little was left except the castle.  During the war, extensive air raid shelters were built in the castle walls, and they could hold up to 1,800 people.  When the Marquess died in 1947, the castle was given to the city.  

Today, it is a popular tourist attraction.  They have an exciting events calendar too, with Welsh banquets, family events including the annual Joust and even open-air live music events which have seen The Killers, Stereophonics, Tom Jones and Queen.

Get a Key to the Castle

If you live or work in Cardiff, you can get a key to the castle.  Admission gets you entry to a selection of lavishly decorated rooms in the Castle Apartments, The Norman Keep, Battlement Walk, Wartime Shelters, Firing Line: Cardiff Castle Museum of the Welsh Soldier, Interpretation Centre and audio guide (subject to availability), Cardiff Castle Grounds.


Staying at Future Inn Cardiff

Cardiff Castle is a 10-minute taxi ride into the City Centre from Future Inn Cardiff.  There are numerous car parks in the city centre with varying tariffs, if you wanted to drive.  Cardiff Bay train station is a 5-minute walk from the hotel and takes you to Cardiff Queen Street station, followed by an 11-minute walk to Cardiff Castle.  Catching the number 6 bus from nearby Cardiff County Hall will be a 16-minute journey.  It would take approximately 35 minutes to walk from the hotel.  

Pre or Post Event Dining

Thomas Restaurant is ideal to fuel up before the event. Every day the team serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, evening a-la-carte or traditional roasts on Sunday. A homemade Taste of Wales Afternoon Tea is served daily between 1pm-5pm or our set menu offers 3 courses for £20 daily between 5pm-10pm. A large selection of drinks is also available including cocktails all of which are £7. 

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