• Mayflower Museum

    Explores the story of the voyage of the Pilgrims

The Mayflower Museum

Explore the story of the voyage of the Pilgrims and their journey aboard the Mayflower 

The Mayflower Museum, set over three floors explores the story of the voyage of the Pilgrims and their journey aboard the Mayflower to the New World. Your journey of discovery begins by stepping onto the balcony on the top floor to enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of today's' busy Barbican.

The story of the Mayflower Pilgrims is an enduring tale of courage in the face of adversity. Though these early settlers of the New World play a significant role in America's past, they left their mark in Plymouth too. These early religious refugees, who sailed into Plymouth by chance, were only in port for a few days. Evidence of their stay can be found on the streets around the city and Mayflower is a familiar name heard by many.

The Mayflower set sail for the New World in 1620. However, this epic journey begins some years earlier in the Midlands, in a small village called Scrooby.

This gallery features a model of the Mayflower Ship built on a 1:11 inch scale by apprentices at Devonport Royal Dockyard for the 350th year anniversary of the Mayflower Pilgrims sailing from Plymouth. The model features 360 fathoms of rigging, 332 handmade blocks and six handmade sails totalling 64 square feet in area.

In 2020, Plymouth will be celebrating Mayflower 400 - the anniversary of the pioneering voyage.  It's the world's biggest family reunion - and you're invited.  In England, the commemoration focuses on the key towns and cities that make up the national Mayflower trail. Explore the sites, attractions and places on the trail using the adjacent map and destination links below.

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