• Jazz at Future Inn

    Offering a live jazz experience unrivalled in Bristol

  • Jazz at Future Inn

    Our performance space was purpose-built for live jazz music

  • Jazz at Future Inn

    We have a different performer every week, from local talent to internationally renowned musicians

  • Jazz at Future Inn

    We welcome extremely talented musicians to the stage, from the UK and beyond

  • Jazz at Future Inn

    Expect album launches, showcases of new material and classic performances

Jazz at Future Inn Bristol

Offering a jazz experience unrivalled in Bristol


Jazz at Future Inns is on pause at the moment, waiting for the green light for live performances to go ahead


The Jazz at Future Inn performance space was purpose-built jazz venue in Bristol and is below Chophouse Restaurant. With sophisticated lighting and a view of the stage from wherever you choose to sit in the room, the experience is unrivalled in the Bristol jazz scene offering a weekly live jazz performance.

Enter the jazz club down the grand staircase into the clubroom. A lift is available for those who require accessibility. Choose from a limited number of booths as well as comfortable table seating plus plenty of room for standing (or dancing) for when it gets busy.  

There is plenty of alcoholic and soft drink options as well as a Jazz at Future Inns food menu. We also recommend our 3 courses for £20 special offer menu which is served in Chophouse Restaurant between 6pm-9.30pm.  

The musical standards are kept high, whilst the cost to the audience is kept low. There is a different performer every week, from local talent to internationally-renowned entertainers. Past performers include Art Theman, who has been wowing audiences since the 1950s, to Grammy Nominated artists like Becki Biggins. The stage has even seen an eleven-piece ensemble called Elftet.

Performers come to display their enthusiasm as well as their talent for this genre of music, as well as for album launches, to showcase new material or share their favourite classics. The past and continued success of Jazz at Future Inns has allowed us to welcome extremely talented, national and international musicians to the stage.  For a full schedule of events & more information, please see the Jazz Bristol 'Gig List' below.


Every Thursday at 8.30pm

From £10 per person

From £5 per student



Please note: Tickets are only available to be purchased on the Jazz at Future Inn website or on the door.


What the attendees say

This was our second evening trip to Jazz at Future Inn which is on the lower ground floor of this big hotel. It is nicely decorated and furnished with nice staircase, and lift for disabled access (there is also a disabled toilet on the ground floor). We saw Will Harris and his colleagues playing - very relaxing and enjoyable. It is great to see the actual musicians clearly enjoying playing the music and chatting to us. Drinks come from the bar above and indeed during the show, the server from upstairs was around and instantly turned up if one thought of having a drink or a small meal from the menu. Simon Buzzard
The restaurant offers good value meals and there is a well-stocked bar. The jazz bar is below ground which attracts live acts from across the UK and Europe, offering an intimate but contemporary ambience. Always an interesting evening out. Lee Oasis
A fabulous evening entertained by the amazing Ben Lee quintet! Young, fresh, talent by the bucketload! They are on tour funded by the arts council and did such a great show at Jazz at Future Inns! Great meal, friendly staff and very comfy beds, we hope to be back! Toby Russ
The Future Inn host regular music sessions one evening a week, concentrating on Jazz and Acoustic, in a purpose build area below the dining area. These sessions are often interesting and worth attending, at a reasonable price. I recommend looking at their website for the programme and check it out. Chris Jepson
I had a really enjoyable evening, the setting was perfect for live music. It looked like new and was spotlessly clean. The band were lively and chatted to the audience between songs. Heather W
Like jazz, especially modern and cool? Then go to the Future Inn Hotel, Cabot Circus. The jazz is on the lower ground floor, a sophisticated venue in a modern hotel with the giant car park of Cabot Circus shopping right by for which you can park if visiting the jazz club. The music is consistently good, usually local but some well-known musicians also gig and you're up close and personal. Food and drink are also available. Great atmosphere, audience regular jazz aficionados, those passing through plus the curious from the hotel. Sarah Keeping
I had never been to a jazz night before and was encouraged to come along by a friend. The food we had beforehand in the restaurant was incredible, hot, tasty and delicious. The singer was good too and even sung a few numbers that I knew. An enjoyable first experience! Louise K


Jazz at Future Inn

One of the best places for live music in Bristol


What’s that?

A restaurant with live music in Bristol?

That’s right!

Thursday nights are dedicated to Jazz at Future Inn Bristol, with live music gigs from local and internationally known jazz artists, duos, ensembles and groups.


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