Wedding Reception Seating Help

Wedding Reception Seating Help

Do you know what it takes to create a fabulous wedding reception seating chart? You may think this is one of the more manageable tasks, but it can quickly become quite complicated. Don't panic; let us help you with your wedding reception seating plan.

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Seating chart for weddings

To begin your wedding reception seating chart, you have to know how many tables you will set up at your wedding reception, as well as how many chairs will be at each table. In addition, ask for a chart of where the tables are placed at the wedding reception. It is easy to find out. Just ask your wedding coordinator.

We generally suggest 8 guests per table. However, it does depend on the number of guests you've invited and which event room you are using.

Wedding seating template

Before you start, you will need a seating chart template. You can get a digital seating chart tool online, via apps, or free downloads.

Don't begin on the wedding seating plan until you know how many tables and chairs at the tables you have to work with. You'll also need your wedding guest list. The seating chart should be prepared months before the wedding, but you shouldn't finalise it until a couple of weeks before the big day.

Wedding seating chart etiquette names

Place card holders are more than attractive decorations but are functional accessories. They provide a great way to help your guests find their seats. Each card should contain at least the first name of the guest. It's up to you if you want to include surnames or nicknames. Just don't forget to double-check the spelling.

Where do parents sit at the wedding reception?

If you have a large wedding reception, creating the wedding reception seating plan can be a source of conflict between you and your family. You may want your friends close to you, and your mother may wish to have one of her friends closer than you would like. After dinner, some tables may need to be taken down or moved, so don't seat very old guests at these tables.

You could seat family members who don't see each other often to help them catch up. Don't force people to sit with people they don't like to avoid conflict. You should only seat family members together if they enjoy each other's company.

To prevent possible fights, divorced parents should have their own tables far away from each other. Seat them separately with their respective family members. Keep small children next to their parents; a separate kids' table could quickly turn into chaos. If you know of a guest that enjoys dancing, make sure you seat them close to the dance floor.

Wedding table plan

Planning proper seating is hard work, and it requires careful planning. Don't wait until the last minute to decide who should sit at which table; adequate planning takes time. Seating should not be a result of decisions made based on gut feeling. Make sure you have enough time to have it printed, or if you are doing a digital wedding seating, you have dimensions of the screens at the venue.

It also shouldn't be stressful. By taking your time and coming back to it at regular intervals, you'll be able to iron out all the kinks. Good luck with your wedding reception seating plan!

Table seating arrangement

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