Top tips for a successful Christmas party

Top tips for a successful Christmas party

It’s never too early to plan! The secret to a successful Christmas party is all in the planning, and as we all know by now, it’s never too early to get started. Here at Future Inns, we have years of experience when it comes to events, so to give you a hand here are our top tips.

Set your budget

Setting your budget is the logical place to start. Without the company or the staff dipping into their pockets, there is not going to be a party.  Once you have got your budget agreed, it is time to go Christmas party shopping.  Look out for ways to make savings such as an all-inclusive package with a welcome drink, three-course dinner, freshly brewed tea or coffee, disco, table decorations and crackers.  Failing that an alternative festive lunch or dinner in the restaurant or the ever-popular Afternoon Tea.

Send out your invitations

If you have no guests, you have no party.  Once you have secured a date, then you can book your venue.  The earlier in the year that you plan and book, the more likely you will be to get your preferred date.  Sometimes you can get an early bird booking deal too.  Get the invites out to the team, so they can put the date and time in their diary.

Choose the venue

It is a time for the whole team to come together, so remember this when you choose a venue.  Do you need free car parking, a choice menu or a central location where it is easy to get home from?  Choosing a venue with a hotel is essential when guests come from far and wide or just cannot face the commute home.  You also need to decide if you are going to have a private party or attend a joiner event with other workplaces. 

Is there a dress code?

You need to consider the dress code. Not all of your colleagues will want to dress up as Santa or an elf, and some may not want to be in black tie.  Some team members like to spend more on a new outfit, but there will be some who wish to keep the cash to spoil their family.  Finding a venue where everyone can come dressed for the season, without spending a fortune is a must. 

Plan the entertainment

The importance of music goes without saying.  The background music should not be too loud, so you can all talk to each other, and the foreground music should get everyone up dancing.  This year our party packages have everything from tribute entertainers, a traditional disco or a funky silent disco with 3 channels to choose from. 

Homemade food and drink

This is one of the most essential elements of the party.  At Future Inns we take food very seriously, using local products and produce in our menus.  There is a choice of starters, mains and desserts including options for vegans, gluten-free and we can cater for other allergies as long as we are informed in advance.

Christmas at Future Inns

There is so much going on this Christmas at Future Inns including Party Nights, Festive Lunch and Dinner, Sunday Lunch with Santa, Christmas Day lunch and New Year’s Eve fun.  Download our Christmas brochure:

Bristol 2019 Christmas Brochure
Cardiff 2019 Christmas Brochure
Plymouth 2019 Christmas Brochure

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