Happy Bathtub Day!

Happy Bathtub Day!

In the age-old argument of showers versus baths, it has to be the latter that wins out today on National Bathtub Day. The hot water and the scented bubbles allow you to relax and destress from a day on the go.

Is there anything more luxurious than sinking into a hot bath, filled with decadent bubbles or essential oils? Perhaps with a glass of wine and a scented candle. You can even read a chapter of a book or watch a movie or television programme, or listen to music. Or simply lock the door, turn off your phone and enjoy a rate moment of solitude and peace. 

Things to do in the Bathtub

  • Binge watch a series – use your laptop, phone or tablet to stream your show
  • Get the shopping done – can you order your weekly food shop for collection or delivery, or plan and buy presents for an upcoming birthday, celebration or Christmas?
  • Get qualified – enjoy the peace and quiet and use this time to work through and online course
  • Catch up with friends – you could Skype or Facetime friends and family who you do not regularly see, framing your face from the neck up
  • Underwater selfies – using a waterproof phone holder, could you take your next awesome profile picture?
  • Learn a language – download an app, online course or use that old CD player and use the time to pick up a foreign language
  • Meditation – improve your mental and physical wellbeing with this technique
  • Stay sharp – play some brain training games and exercises to keep your mind agile
  • Soak the guns – if you’ve been working out, soak your limbs by adding a muscle-soothing salt or bubble bath. Or, like elite sports stars, swap your hot water for cold and ice cubes

The History of the Bathtub

Plumbing systems date back to 3300 BC, with the earliest bathtubs around 1700 BC, which were found in Crete. It is believed that the modern bath was invented in 1828. They can be built-in, sunken or free standing and are made from bonding porcelain enamel on cast iron, a process that started in the 1880s. The clawfoot bathtub was wildly popular in the late 19th Century, having originated from Holland but it lost its popularity to the built-in version. 

What is National Bathtub Day?

National Bathtub Day is celebrated on October 7th of every year. Spend some time on your bathtub, relax and enjoy taking a nice bath. National Bathtub Day encourages people from all over the world to enjoy a bathtub soak.

How can you celebrate National Bathtub Day?

At Future Inns, our bathrooms* have large built-in bathtubs. We also supply fluffy white towels and a bathrobe and slippers for you to use, in the bedrooms. Along with vegan-friendly toiletries. All of the bedrooms are larger than the usual hotel room, with huge queen-size or king-size beds. Other benefits during your stay include soft seating areas, workspace with desk, tea and coffee making facilities, bottled water, plus a guest ice-machine, wine glasses and fruit bowls on each hotel floor.

Book direct for the best rates guaranteed.

* Please note, in Future Inn Bristol a bathtub does not come as standard. Some bedrooms do have shower rooms only. If you prefer a bathtub, please make this known to the Reservations Team.


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