The Wedding Series | Guest Blog by Chloe Quinn

The Wedding Series | Guest Blog by Chloe Quinn

Getting married during the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way ceremonies and wedding celebrations take place. For some, this is a light relief from the pressures of the big day, especially if you want to keep it an intimate affair.

The Quinn Wedding During COVID-19

My husband, Ryan, and I had been together for quite some time prior to the decision to actually get married. I say ‘actually’ because we were previously engaged to be married in 2014, but never got any further than the initial engagement.

Marriage had never been a dream of mine, and so I had nothing prepared. What did I want? What would he want? How would I even begin to go about organising this event that had to appease a variety of people? It all seemed much too daunting and, honestly, too many people wanted their say. So after two years of engagement, we decided to call it off and remain as partners.

I never imagined marriage in my future after that. I assumed that we would live happily as partners, rather than the traditional ‘married couple.’ But then COVID-19 occurred.

Getting married during the COVID-19 pandemic

Not only was 2020 the year that both he and I became closer than ever, but we fell in love all over again. No longer were we rushed from A to B, no longer was my own mental health an overbearing shadow, and no longer was there a pressing need to be ‘social’ when I am entirely the opposite. The pressure was well and truly lifted.

Once we discovered the strict attendance rules surrounding marriage ceremonies, we jumped at the chance. Our venue allowed twenty-five people at a wedding. We didn’t even need twelve!

Once we confirmed our date in late September, the rest appeared to fall into place. I called up the registrar with a specific date in mind, already prepared for disappointment. But I was surprised to be told that my date was the only one available between then and Christmas 2020. I wanted to be married on 5 November, the same date as my late grandparents but sixty or so years apart. Fate was on my side. We snatched it up right away, rushed to have our papers posted and got to planning.

My friend and colleague, Jude Rankin, would be my photographer. As we're currently working on a book together archiving her talents as a photographer and mine as an illustrator, it was the perfect match.

My dress was purchased from ASOS for a small fee of £30 and altered by my mother in law.  The shoes were borrowed, the flowers were local and the jewellery belonged to and was worn by my grandmother on her wedding day. Ryan’s suit was by far the most expensive purchase and even that was hassle-free.

I had my sister as my bridesmaid and I allowed her to take the reigns for her own outfit. I gave no indication of colours or style and, surprisingly, her dress, flowers and my hair all matched in colour.

Wedding party during COVID

Finally, our after-party was a small gathering held within our own home. There was enough room for social distancing, and each family bubble had their own specific cutlery etc to prevent cross-contamination. We also ensured that each bathroom was supplied with disposable towels, hand sanitiser and moisturizer, as well as wet wipes. Food was supplied by our local butcher and bakery and was delivered by my in-laws prior to the ceremony.

Although it was difficult to cover all basis, everyone adhered to the rules of social distancing and handwashing, resulting in a COVID free event.

For anyone else considering a chilled out, COVID-19 wedding, I couldn’t recommend it enough. Provided all safety precautions are adhered to, there’s no reason why you can’t opt for a small and intimate wedding like mine.


The Quinn Wedding


Chloe Quinn is a mental health, wellness and recovery blogger. She has a passion for writing, illustrating and video games. 

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