Future Inns Presents our Top Tips for the Half Marathon

Future Inns Presents our Top Tips for the Half Marathon

Competing in the Plymouth Half Marathon? It doesn't matter whether you've been training for weeks, or you're relying on sheer luck to see you through to the finish line.

Competing in the Plymouth Half Marathon? It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been training for weeks, or you’re relying on sheer luck to see you through to the finish line.

There’s always one little part of race-day prep that affects every half-marathon hopeful, whether you’re an Olympic athlete or not and that is ….What do you do the eve before the race?

The last thing you need is a rough night’s sleep when you’ve been training for weeks and planned your big day down to the last shoelace.

Prepare for the big day by getting a good night’s sleep and fear not, at all Future Inns hotels, we’re pretty much experts in helping you get rested especially with our large and comfortable Canadian styled queen-sized beds in our individually climate-controlled rooms.

But how can you guarantee enough solid hours of quality shut-eye when you’re away from home? Here’re our top tips for ensuring your pre-race evening has your energy levels brimming ready for race day.

Arrive in plenty of time

If you’re racing away from home, plan your travels properly. Try to arrive early so you have time to familiarise yourself with a new place and a new bedroom. You’ll feel more relaxed in your surroundings come race day.

Plan your trip

It’s always great to have a quick scout of the race route and familiarise yourself with your surroundings. However, that 2-hour trip checking out Plymouth’s maritime cobbled streets or the city during your stay, are best saved for after the race. Put your city tour on hold until after the race.

Get an early night

Make sure you get a reasonably early night. It’s as simple as that. Don’t be tempted to hang around by the bar or stay up exploring. Stay focused. A couple of hours’ sleep before midnight is thought to be beneficial. It’ll help all the energy stores in your muscles to stay topped up.

Stick to your routine

Too much sleep could equally leave you awaking with a cloudy feeling. Try to keep your body clock in normal tune by going to bed the same time you normally would. If you plan to get an early night, do it a couple of times in the week leading up to the race so your body is used to the effects of more sleep.

Prep it to perfection

Prepare your race kit and all your bags the night before so you’re not rushing around at midnight or having to get up super-early to find your socks. Lay your kit out ready if it helps. It might help you sleep better knowing everything is in hand.

Get your pins out – we don’t mean your legs!

The amount of runners we see frantically pinning on numbers and lacing timing chips to their trainers at breakfast is surprisingly high! Pin your numbers on the night before so you can relax over breakfast on race day.

Keep fluid levels topped up & drink plenty

It will also help you to sleep. Don’t be tempted to have a cheeky drink just because you’re away from home, which can have adverse effects on sleep. You can choose from a selection of non-alcoholic drinks in any one of our restaurants in Cardiff, Bristol and Plymouth and we offer complimentary free bottles of water in your bedroom, so there are no excuses!

Eat locally

All our Future Inn hotels have restaurants on-site geared up to proving you with delicious and healthy meals, so you need not waste energy strolling for miles looking for an evening meal.

Eat early and well

What’s important is to eat the right things at the right times. Have a good evening meal, ideally a good few hours before you go to bed. Our chef can recommend a whole range of carbohydrate-rich foods that are perfect to fuel your run.

For breakfast, kick start your morning with a bowl of porridge (you can request this) or enjoy a breakfast-to-go option which includes cereal/muesli bar, yoghurt, danish, fruit and juice! Just ask Chef!

Bring your fave bed-wear along for the ride

There’s no need to worry about packing towels or shampoos as we provide them in your rooms. It’s always good to pack your fave set of pj’s and sometimes washing them the night before can help you relax and snuggle in too.


It’s important to find time to unwind a little before race day, especially if you’ve travelled a long way. It’ll help you to sleep and remain focused. Our hotels offer the perfect space to chill out before the race to keep energy levels thriving. Kick-back in our restaurant, watch our complimentary TV, have a cup of hot chocolate, read a book, or take a bath.

Just ask

If you need extra duvets, sheets or towels to make your stay as comfy as possible, just ask us. We can also help you plan your route to the race arena and advise on local sites to visit. Once the race is over let us look after your luggage after our noon checkout while you’re out and about.

Just ask any one of our reception staff and we’ll be glad to help.

See you soon and good luck!

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