Enjoy your sleep when you stay overnight in a hotel

Enjoy your sleep when you stay overnight in a hotel

Travelling can be highly rewarding. Still, with extended hours on the road, jetlag or being in unfamiliar surroundings, it can hinder getting a good night’s sleep when you stay at a hotel. We have put together some top tips to help you when staying overnight.

For some, a hotel stay brings a sense of escape from daily chores and responsibilities, and that may foster blissful slumber. However, being away from home can also come with unfamiliar sounds, smells, and more, making it hard to relax. 

Unwind in large, spacious bedrooms

Whether you are staying at Future Inns for business or pleasure, the spacious bedroom suites come with large Queen-size or King-size beds. To enable you to feel completely relaxed and give you that homely feel, each room comes with complimentary robes and slippers, tea and coffee making facilities, bottled water and there is even a fruit basket on each hotel floor. 

Other guest facilities include a laundry room with washing machines and tumble dryers, ideal for those who are staying for a few nights or those who are on cycling or activity breaks. 

For a perfect night’s sleep, sink into our spacious beds with soft cotton sheets and sumptuous duvets. To re-awaken your senses, step into our power shower to feel refreshed and invigorated.

Take a relaxing bath

Who does not love a warm bath to unwind in? Use the vegan-friendly toiletries at Future Inns, and take a relaxing dip. 

Baths are not only great for warming us up, but a hot bath can be the best way to get yourself feeling sleepy before bed. By increasing your body temperature before bed, it can help you feel sleepier, leading to an easier time falling asleep and a higher quality rest once you do. It is recommended that you take your bath around an hour to an hour and a half before bed to maximise your sleep. 

Exercise during the day

People who exercise regularly sleep better at night and feel less sleepy during the day. Regular exercise also improves the symptoms of insomnia and sleep apnoea and increases the amount of time you spend in the deep, restorative stages of sleep.

When staying at Future Inn Cardiff, you have access to Simply Gym, across the car park from the hotel. It has all the equipment and facilities you could wish for. There is a ladies-only training area, cycle studio, exercise classes and saunas in the changing rooms. At Future Inn Plymouth there is a small exercise studio on the first floor of the hotel, with a number of cardio machines.

Enjoy the great outdoors

Going for a brisk daily walk will also aid sleep at night. If you spend a lot of time cooped up at home, in the car or in an office, you may find yourself feeling the effects of fatigue. This may not always be due to lack of sleep or hours spent in front of a computer; it may be due to the limited amount of fresh air, with many of us being used to breathing in the impure air that circulates around a confined space.

Going for a 30-minute walk after dinner also aids digestion, especially for those who lead sedentary lifestyles. This can help curb digestive issues in the night, helping you get better sleep. Furthermore, it can be a perfect opportunity for you to wind down, assess your day’s activities, come up with innovative ideas and slowly stop thinking about work.

Wintry Walks Around Bristol

Green spaces and waterfront walks in Plymouth

Explore Cardiff Bay

Make it as dark as possible

Your body is programmed to sleep when it is dark. The absence of light sends a critical signal to the body that it is time to rest. Use the blackout curtains in your bedroom at Future Inns, to eliminate any lights from the road or nearby buildings. By shutting the curtains tight, it can stop your senses from being overwhelmed and give you optimum sleep conditions. 

Turn off your electronics

The blue light from your electronics stimulates your brain and can keep you up at night. While checking your emails or scrolling through social media right before bed might seem like a harmless thing to do, it can cause you to toss and turn all night. 

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Future Club Rewards

For additional benefits, you can join the Future Inns hotel loyalty program. For every £1 you spend on accommodation, in the bar and in the restaurant, you earn 1 reward point. Points can then be used to upgrade your bedroom to a suite or free night stays. You also get a complimentary drink voucher to redeem in the bar every time you stay and access to exclusive members-only promotions throughout the year. 


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