The Wedding Series | Guest Blog by Forever Unique

The Wedding Series | Guest Blog by Forever Unique

Forever Unique is a luxury fashion brand that specialises in ladies occasionwear. From wedding and bridesmaid dresses to prom dresses and ballgowns, they've got a range of fashion items to make you feel fabulous, no matter the occasion.

The future of COVID era wedding dresses

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started to take a grip on the globe, very few areas of life as we know it have been left untouched. Sadly, this includes the 200,000 weddings that take place every year. With brides and grooms-to-be left with no option but to either make drastic changes to their ceremony plans or be forced to cancel altogether, it has had a significant impact on the entire industry. 

This has also affected the types of wedding dresses on trend this year, with brides' gowns being yet another aspect of the special day being scaled back and made more lowkey. However, change is just as good as the rest and who says that a lowkey and more subtle wedding day and dress can't be just as beautiful and special? 

The impact of COVID 

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a considerable impact on our social lives and how we can spend time with our friends and family, which means social events such as weddings have been amongst the hardest hit by restrictions. These restrictions have included a maximum of 6 (for some venues) people present at a wedding ceremony, meaning that any grand and extensive wedding ceremony plans have had to be stripped back. 

However, happy couples who had planned to celebrate their happy day alongside friends and family after the ceremony with a large wedding reception also have had their events cancelled altogether. Therefore, with weddings as we know them no longer able to take place, savvy brides and grooms have found alternative ways to celebrate their special day. 

Non-traditional weddings 

With the more traditional wedding plans no longer available, there are restriction-friendly alternatives that happy couples are using to ensure that they can still make their wedding day special. For example, garden parties have become increasingly popular as a replacement for wedding receptions. They enable more guests to attend the celebration while ensuring safety and abiding by government guidelines

While, of course, this means that you are pretty dependent on what the weather is going to be like, a garden party celebration is a COVID-friendly alternative. However, suppose you had previously planned for a big evening reception in a luxurious hotel or venue. In that case, you may find that your more traditional ideas for wedding dress won't quite fit the occasion anymore. 

The low-key wedding dress 

With the changing landscape of weddings comes with it a change in the trends of wedding dresses. Therefore, unsurprisingly, the low-key wedding dress has become increasingly popular in the last twelve months to suit the changing face of weddings. We all know that wedding gowns can cost a considerable amount of money and if you have downscaled your wedding to suit COVID restrictions, you may no longer require the initial dress you had in mind. 

Therefore, low-key wedding dresses offer the perfect outfit for the big day as they can cater to a new kind of wedding while still being as glamorous and special. Low-key wedding dress trends can include a swap from floor-length dresses with flowing trains, to a halterneck midi dress which is perfect for a garden celebration. 

However, if you have always dreamed of a long wedding dress, then white maxi dresses also offer a great alternative that will make you look beautiful while also making you feel comfortable on your special day. 

While weddings as we know them have changed drasatically, brides-to-be can still find the wedding dress of their childhood dreams, albeit slightly more reserved and low-key then they may have imagined but yet equally as memorable. 

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