Bah Humbug Day - Merry Christmas!

Bah Humbug Day - Merry Christmas!

The 21st December is also better known as Humbug Day

When the stresses of the holiday season have piled up, many of us start to feel a bit like Scrooge. Humbug Day is observed annually on the 21st of December and was created to allow us an opportunity to express our festive frustrations.

Sure, venting annoyance over the stress of Christmas is appropriate for this day.  Scrooges all over have been waiting for this day.  Many scrooges are negative towards Christmas in general and can put a real damper on your Christmas spirit.

To release the stress of the holiday season we have put together some of the highlights of Christmas 2018 we have had so far.  It has been a great time in all of the hotels; we have enjoyed decorating the Christmas trees, greeting friends and colleagues having a festive lunch in the restaurant to watching you all hit the dancefloor at our entertainment and party nights. Over the next few days, we will be welcoming those staying with us for Christmas and will be watching 2019 greet us.

From everyone at Future Inns, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See our Christmas Showreel here


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