13 Instagrammerable Locations in Bristol

13 Instagrammerable Locations in Bristol

Looking to fill your feed or stories with amazing pictures? Bristol is an Instagrammers dream location with everything from urban street art, quaint streets and historic buildings, not forgetting the green spaces and Harbourside too.

1. Ashton Court

If you are looking for stunning landscapes and green spaces, the Ashton Court Estate offers acres of rural loveliness. The historical park is 10 minutes from Bristol City Centre. You can discover old oak trees and see the deer graze on the estate, just as they did 600 years ago. 

Instagrammerable Locations in Bristol Ashton Court Estate

2. Brandon Hill

Head to Brandon Hill with some nuts or old bread and get close enough to the squirrels to touch their whiskers. A 10-minute walk from Bristol City Centre you will find Brandon Hill Nature Reserve. During spring and summer, many beautiful flowers blossom in the park, which gives the park some colour.

Instagrammerable Locations in Bristol Brandon Hill Nature Reserve

3. Bristol Cathedral & College Green

Cathedrals are always great places to take photographs, with beautiful old carvings and stain glass windows. Bristol’s beautiful and historic Cathedral is located on College Green in the West End of the city.

Instagrammerable Locations in Bristol - Bristol Cathedral and College Green

4. Brunel’s SS Great Britain

Bristol is home to the SS Great Britain, the Brunel designed former passenger steamship which was built in 1845. The boat is a fantastic photo spot. You could snap the masts set against the backdrop of a setting sun, or a shot from beneath to get its hull in the dry dock.

Instagrammerable Locations in Bristol - Brunel's SS Great Britain

5. Cabot Circus

Directly across the road from Future Inn Bristol is Cabot Circus, a big shopping centre with a glass roof which is perfect for lighting and getting good shots. If the sun is out, it creates a criss-cross pattern on the floor, making it look like a giant games table. Throughout the year there are different displays and of course lights at Christmas.

Instagrammerable Locations in Bristol Cabot Circus

6. Cabot Tower

Found in the parkland of Brandon Hill near Park Street, Cabot Tower is a 105ft tower which was built in 1897 to commemorate John Cabot’s voyage from Bristol to North America 400 years earlier. Make the rewarding trip and climb the spiral staircase inside Cabot Tower to enjoy the panoramic views of the city of Bristol and its Harbourside.

Instagrammerable Locations in Bristol Cabot Tower

7. Clifton Suspension Bridge

The Clifton Suspension Bridge has been listed as number 7 on the UK’s top 10 most instagrammable places according to Google. Since opening in 1864, the structure has been visible on the Bristol skyline. You can head straight to the bridge and take pictures of the view and close-ups of the ironwork. Or go to the top of Princes’ Lane where it meets Sion Hill for an unobstructed view. The bridge also lights up at night, so dusk and night time pictures ensure it stands out.

Instagrammerable Locations in Bristol Clifton Suspension Bridge

8. Harbourside

If you like urban photography and being beside the water, you will find thousands of different perspectives for a photo at Bristol Harbourside. The area is alive with the buzz of Sunday markets, waterside restaurants and bars and a whole host of sports and activities including yachting, paddle boarding, cycling and rowing. 

Instagrammerable Locations in Bristol Harbourside

9. Hotwell Road

This vibrant row of houses above the Hotwell Road and Cliftonwood is uniquely photographic. The colourful houses make for a fantastic backdrop. For a shot that packs it all in, head to the Harbourside and shoot across the river – you may even be able to capture their reflections in the water.

Instagrammerable Locations in Bristol Hotwell Road

10. M Shed

M Shed is an excellent museum in the Bristol city centre that has free admission. One of the rooms is gorgeously decorated with hot air balloons, and also, the view from the top floor terrace is fabulous. M Shed with its surroundings is definitely one of the best photo locations in Bristol.

Instagrammerable Locations in Bristol M Shed

11. Street Art

Bristol is quite possibly the street art capital of Britain. One of the world’s most famous street artists, Banksy is from Bristol, and you can find some of his most famous artworks all around the city. Besides the artworks of Banksy, there is plenty of street art and graffiti from other great artists. You can find street art all over the city; however, Stokes Croft is a popular location, or even go on one of the street art tours.

Instagrammerable Locations in Bristol Stokes Croft

12. University of Bristol Botanical Gardens

An unexpected place to find fantastic photo opportunity is the botanical gardens. The summer months invite blooms aplenty, but the winter months are still a great time to explore the greenhouses and marvel at the exotic plants and flowers. 

Instagrammerable Locations in Bristol University of Bristol Botanical Gardens

13. View from Future Inn Bristol

Ok, it may be a bit naughty for us to include this on the list, but we think that from the top floor of the hotel, where you find our conference and event function suites, that we have one of the best views of the city centre and Cabot Circus. From the outdoor terrace, you can spot many of the landmarks of Bristol City Centre.

Instagrammerable Locations in Bristol - Best views of the city from Future Inn Bristol


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