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Hugs From Henry

Future Inn Plymouth is proud to help raise awareness for Hugs from Henry and support their fundraising efforts


About Hugs From Henry

Hugs From Henry is a Plymouth based charity which helps families who have a child with rare childhood cancers. Whether emotional support, making a memory or helping families keep in touch, Hugs From Henry provides them with a place to turn.

How it all began 

At 3 years old Henry was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Neuroblastoma. While Henry underwent treatment his parents, Elsbeth and Michael, were forced to live away from home. Luckily Michael’s place of work was incredibly supportive and Elsbeth was on maternity leave. However, they met many families who weren’t so lucky and had little or no money as they were unable to work.

Many families are separated from each other, older siblings need to attend school and some parents have to work. Hugs From Henry was started to support these families, to help when they need it most. It could mean buying an iPad so the child can be entertained when forced to spend weeks or even months in a room, allowing them to talk to families through Skype or email, or by giving families a holiday to give them memories they will never forget.

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How do we support?

Throughout the year we hold fundraisers with donations being given directly to Hugs From Henry.  These include our annual staff bake sale at Halloween where you can try some truly scary delights, the annual Elf Day at Christmas where staff will dress as Santa's helpers for the day and other events such as World Cancer Day.

Upcoming events

Mr & Mrs / Mr & Mr / Mrs & Mrs 

Date: Friday 3rd April 2020

Time: 7pm

The cash raised on the evening will be supporting Hugs From Henry.  

More information on Hugs From Henry's facebook page

Watch this space. New events will be listed very soon.

Why Hugs From Henry means so much to us

Meet Kevin Halam, Conference Porter here at Future Inn Plymouth 

"The charity 'Hugs for Henry' was initially formed to raise money for my grandson Henry, who was diagnosed with childhood cancer, Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, and needed treatment in America. An unbelievable amount of £270,000 was raised to make this happen.

The name was later changed to 'Hugs from Henry' as he no longer required the money for treatment. The charity now concentrates on raising funds for holidays, grants, and wishes for children in the South West who suffer from Neuroblastoma. Recently the charity has used some of the original money which was raised for Henry to purchase a respite holiday home in Cornwall. This will be used by bereaved parents who have lost their child, as well as families that need a break during the treatment process. As you can appreciate, money is continuously required to pay for the upkeep of the holiday home.

It is fantastic that Future Inn Plymouth is helping to raise the profile of the charity, and that customers that visit from all over the UK and further afield will be made aware of what' Hugs from Henry' aims to do. Several events within the hotel will be organised to raise additional funds to support the children and their families through a difficult time. It's great that my colleagues want to be involved and put forward their ideas to help fundraise."


The Skydive

Is it a bird? No, it's Kevin jumping from a plane!

On Saturday 7th September 2019, Kevin skydived from 15,000 feet to further the fundraising efforts for Hugs From Henry.  

In total, he raised £1030.

It is not the first time he has jumped from a plane too, in fact, it is his third skydive.  We are not sure if he is brave or just a thrill seeker...

Congratulations Kevin!

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