Taste Wales at the Thomas Restaurant

Taste Wales at the Thomas Restaurant

When you’re visiting Wales, you simply mustn’t leave without trying some of our local delicacies. You may not be aware, but Wales is actually home to some truly delicious traditional dishes. And where better to taste them than our very own Thomas restaurant? Our menu provides tasty food with a Contemporary Welsh Flavour and our recommendations are the Lamb Cawl & Welsh Rarebit…

Lamb Cawl
Lamb Cawl, pronounced ‘cowl’, is one of the most traditional dishes. But what exactly is Cawl? Similar to other traditional country soups, the ingredients used to change from season to season. Early Welsh manuscripts tell us that the main meat used was bacon, no cottager would dream of using valuable lamb. However, we now use delicious, tender lamb to make the traditional stew.
Welsh Rarebit 

First referenced in the Medieval times, this welsh toasted cheese dish (caws pobi) has been well entrenched in the food history of Wales. Interestingly, the dish was originally known as Welsh Rabbit but by the end of the 18thcentury the term was amended to Welsh Rarebit. Why? Well, tradition has it that the cheese replaced the Rabbit because English landlords forbade their Welsh tenants to hunt.

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