Celebrate the patron saint of Wales on St David's Day

Saint David, the patron saint of Wales, is celebrated on 1st March annually.  It is the date of Saint David's death in 589 AD. Traditional festivities include wearing daffodils and leeks, recognised symbols of Wales and Saint David respectively, and women wearing traditional Welsh dress. 

We will be celebrating by offering 15% off our Taste of Wales menu in Thomas Bar and Restaurant.  Alongside the traditional Welsh food there will also be 15% off Welsh drinks.

Afternoon Tea £12.00 £10.20 Merlyn Liqueur (50ml) £4.70 £3.99
Cawl £11.00 £9.35 Brecon Gin (25ml) £4 £3.40
Welsh Rarebit £7.00 £5.95 Penderyn Whiskey (25ml) £4 £3.40
Fish Pie £13.00 £11.05 Vodka Five (25ml) £4.50 £3.82
Roast Loin of Lamb £16.00 £13.60 Brains (pint) £4.40 £3.74


Available between Monday 25th February and Sunday 3rd March 2019

Standard terms and conditions applyl and is subject to availability.  Afternoon Tea must be pre-ordered as these are made individually.  Drink offers are for over 18's only.