Planning The Perfect Wedding

planning your perfect wedding


Planning the Perfect Wedding For Your Special Day!


Weddings have a way of highlighting people’s insecurities; the bride wants to know if her bum looks big in this, the groom starts inspecting the top of his head for bald spots and the bride’s father considers bribing the happy couple to elope because he’s not sure his bank account will survive. Seriously, though, most of the time, the bride and groom are paying for everything. Partly because of the cost, but mostly because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime affair, it’s vital to get the wedding planning right to ensure a perfect day.


Before anything else, the couple must decide who to invite. If the groom writes one list and the bride writes another, they can swap and cross off any ‘unacceptable’: his ex-girlfriends, her boss, his cousin with the roaming hands, her mother! Just kidding: his cousin can come. Once they know how many guests there will be and whether it’s to be a religious or civil ceremony, they can choose a wedding venue, for both the ceremony and the reception.


With a date and venue, the next thing to consider, along with rings, is the clothes, and by clothes, I mean the dress! Nobody’s bothered about the suits, but everybody will be looking at the dress! The bride should investigate several styles before she finds the perfect one: much like picking the groom! But when she finds the right dress, she can relax – a little – until the hunt for a caterer begins. It can be hard to find somebody to provide for Aunt Doris’ wheat allergy, little Pete’s hatred of salad and the groom’s vegan brother so it’s important to make a list of special requirements and confirm them with the company, twice!


Hopefully, not many guests will need accommodation, but those from the other end of the country or overseas might want to stay near the venue. A hotel, such as one of the three Future Inns in Plymouth, Bristol or Cardiff, would be an ideal wedding venue; their style, convenience and experience of hosting weddings are among the benefits of choosing one of their hotels. While there’s a lot more to wedding planning than would fit here, it’s safe to say that if you get the main elements right, the rest will follow. So make sure you have the right dress, the perfect venue and, above all, the person you can’t live without.